Announcing Alignment Revolution!

If you’ve ever needed to lead change within an organization, you know it can be hard and thankless work. I’m so passionate about my Alignment work because I think it can make leading change more effective and more rewarding. But it makes me sad that I can’t work personally with EVERY leader and organization to help them improve.

Or can I?

I’m super excited to announce Alignment Revolution, an exclusive community, and mastermind groups, for Aligned Leaders! A new and affordable way for leaders to get the knowledge, experience, support and coaching they need to drive sustainable success in their organizations!

Watch the video for the whole story, and visit for more info!

The Alignment Revolution will be launching soon, and the first “Revolutionaries” will get EXCLUSIVE EARLY ACCESS offers that will never be available again!

Go to to get on the list, so you’ll be the first to hear about these limited time offers when they’re available. I expect to launch within a couple of weeks!

Announcing Alignment Revolution! from Paul Penny on Vimeo.

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