About Paul Penny

Photo Credit: Team Cassels Photography

Photo Credit: Team Cassels Photography

I’m Paul Penny. I’m a father, husband, writer, speaker, facilitator and consultant who loves helping individuals and teams accomplish more, through aligning what they’re passionate about, what they do, and how they do it. I provide leaders of all types with a framework, tools, methods and skills to build and maintain powerful alignment within their teams, for long-lasting success.

During my 30 years of technical, management, executive and consulting experience, I’ve seen that gaps in communications, alignment, perceptions, expectations, and clarity of purpose are often the key hurdles that keep organizations and individuals from accomplishing their goals. I’ve focused the last 10 years of my work on better understanding and solving these types of problems, across many different environments and problem domains.

I’ve had the great privilege of helping lead high-growth startups where we built great customer-centric cultures, and where we experienced the challenges of maintaining culture as the organizations scaled and matured. I have worked with hundreds of consulting clients of all sizes, in most every industry and sector, and have observed a multitude of challenges and opportunities… it was a fertile environment to identify recurring patterns. I have a passion and talent for helping teams plan, innovate and solve problems, better and faster, through outstanding alignment, facilitation and collaboration.

I write, speak and lead workshops on topics related to personal, professional, and organizational alignment… and I’m on a quest to learn all I can about these topics from others.

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You can read more about my organizational alignment and facilitation methods and services at AlignmentAssociates.com.

Here’s a quick video that explains why I’m so passionate about alignment.