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Every day, I see people and organizations who aren’t as effective as they could be. The details of their challenges are always different. But I’ve realized that their situations almost always share at least one root cause… a fundamental lack of alignment in what’s important to them, what they do, and how they do it.

FrustrationWhen people and organizations are more aligned, they achieve superior results, and the people have more fun, less stress, and have more energy left at the end of the day for their family and the causes that are important to them.

I’ve developed a framework I call The P Principles of Alignment, that guides aligning people and organizations for sustainable success. I write, speak, consult and coach to help people and organizations apply this framework.

The P Principles of Alignment

By learning to better align the complexities of our businesses and other organizations, I hope we can carry some of those alignment skills into the rest of our lives, and the causes we care about. And that can make a difference.

In my blog, I share thoughts, sources, ideas and techniques related to improving alignment in our personal and professional lives. I also discuss content from upcoming books, speaking engagements, and other projects.

I hope you’ll choose to hang out here with me, and we can learn some things from each other.