The P Principles Primer: Eight Questions for Aligning People and Organizations

I’m delighted to announce that my new eBook is DONE!!! And available FREE!!!

It’s a very quick read, that introduces my “P Principles” framework for organizational alignment, and provides actionable tips for improving alignment in your organization. I recommend this for anyone in a management or leadership position… or for anyone who thinks your management could do things better. 😉

You can read more about it, and get your free copy, here.


Let me tell your story!

I’m working on a book series, about many facets of alignment for teams and businesses. I’m looking for all the examples I can find, good and bad. Where strong alignment of purpose, passion, priorities and practices led to strong team and business performance, or where gaps in alignment contributed to challenges. I’m also looking for business leaders and entrepreneurs who are willing to be interviewed related to these topics. Please reply in the comments, or via email, if you have something to share, or someone to suggest. Thanks!

Question: What stories do you have to share? You can leave a comment by clicking here.