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PaulWAHeadshotHi. I’m Paul, and I’m on a journey. I hope you’ll join me.

Every day, I see people and organizations who aren’t as happy or as effective as they could be. The details of their challenges are always different. But I’ve begun to realize that their situations almost always share at least one root cause… lack of alignment.

Alignment? Like, on a car? Or what a chiropractor does?

Well, maybe partially. But what I’m really talking about is alignment of all of the things needed to support success and happiness.

We live in a sound-bite driven, Twitterized, meme-ified, harried world, with 5 minute stand-up meetings and short attention spans. Rarely do people and organizations invest the time and effort necessary to really understand why they’re doing things, and what the impact could be if they did them better. We have a thousand excuses for not “slowing down” to engage in deep dialogue.

Social media gives us the ability to band together with other like-minded individuals, into groups who can distill their deep agreement on topics to 140 characters or less, or two lines of captioning on a photo. Then we wonder why the world is so polarized, why progress is slow, why divides are so deep.

I don’t have all the answers. But I’m on a quest to help more people find more answers, through improving our appreciation of, and skill set for developing, alignment.

In this blog, I’ll share thoughts, sources, ideas and techniques related to improving alignment in our personal and professional lives. When appropriate, some of this content may also be posted to my INTJenuity and Alignment Associates business blogs, but this blog is intended to be more personal and less formal. I’ll also discuss content from upcoming books, speaking engagements, and other projects.

I hope you’ll choose to hang out here with me, and we can learn some things from one another.

Question: Where do you see gaps in alignment, in the world around you? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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